Shine Bright Psychologists provide high quality psychological treatment to children of all ages, on site in schools. We have developed models of psychological assessment and intervention that are specifically designed to promote the best therapeutic outcomes for both children and adolescents. Shine Bright Psychology’s therapeutic frameworks have been developed by senior psychologists with extensive experience working with young people in schools, and are a product of  research on the most up to date and evidenced based psychological treatment approaches.

Shine Bright Psychologists also tailor their therapeutic approach to ensure that individual needs  are addressed, and goals for treatment are achieved. Shine Psychologists draw on a range of treatment interventions, and come with a wealth of experience, to provide your child with the highest quality treatment.

Shine Bright Psychology was co-founded by Rebecca Thomas (Business and Relationships Manager & Organisational Psychologist) and Simone Turner (Clinical Practice Manager & ClinicalPsychologist). Rebecca and Simone are two senior psychologists who saw a need to deliver a more coordinated, reliable, structured and quality focused service to students and schools.

Our management team are committed to ensuring quality psychological treatment services are accessible to children of all ages. We are passionate about, and understand the importance of,  providing support and teaching children to develop the skills they need to successfully promote their wellbeing, throughout the developmental years and beyond!