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Group session. Run by Simone

Shine Bright Psychology provide a range of psychology services to schools, including individual psychological counselling and group sessions. Individual sessions support children experiencing a broad range of issues, including but not limited to; anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism spectrum disorder (also known as Aspergers), oppositional defiance disorder, and friendship concerns. Our group sessions cover topics such as stress management and resilience, relationships and social skills. We also provide seminars for school staff, on a range of mental health topics. All of our services for children are fully government funded, and so there is no out of pocket expense to parents or schools. Shine Bright Psychology delivers services that support children, parents and teachers, and that promote mental health and wellbeing within the learning environment.

Individual sessions

Psychological counselling is conducted on site at school, in a private space where children can discuss specific concerns and work toward improved wellbeing. Normally a course of treatment runs for between 6 to 10 sessions, and different tools and strategies will be discussed at each session, depending on the presenting problems and the goals of treatment. The frequency of sessions will also depend on the type, severity and urgency of the problems to be addressed; sessions may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and may change as treatment progresses. For primary school age children, parents will be directly involved in the treatment process, and may attend one or more sessions with their child, and may also attend sessions alone with the psychologist. In secondary colleges, adolescents are generally encouraged to share details with their parents about their treatment, and at times the psychologist will make contact with parents to provide feedback and an update on progress, where adolescents’ consent to this.

Group sessions

Group sessions generally involve around 6 to 8 persons, and provide a forum for children to share concerns, ideas, and suggestions, and to learn more about a specific topic of interest. A group session will run weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and will usually involve between 6 to 10 sessions in total. Some of the topics of our group sessions include stress management and resilience, bullying and social difficulties/social skills and building healthy relationships, and adjustment to change and difficult circumstances (e.g. grief and loss, and family relationship changes). The psychologist runs the group in a semi structured way, but how the psychologist runs the session and what is covered in each session, is also adapted to suit the needs of the persons in the group.

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